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The Warton Group maintains a state of the art call center staffed with scheduling agents.

Meet the Team.


Andrea Tonnessen


Andrea Tonnessen is the consummate business woman with a stellar history of professionalism and attention to detail. Andrea’s major was in Industrial Engineering graduating with honors from Freedom University. She then went on to become a corporate controller for one of the largest outsourcing companies in the world. Andrea firmly believes that working with a small, select group of advisors who specialize in 401k plan management is the guiding principal of success for both The Warton Group and its affiliates.

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Sofiana Edouard

Operations Manager

In addition to being responsible for the day to day operations at The Warton Group, Sofiana attends Florida International University in Miami, FL where she is academically acclaimed for obtaining Summa Cum Laude. She is also a member of The Golden Key Honor Society which recognizes solely the top 15% of their class. She is a member of TAU Sigma National Honor Society which recognizes academic excellence. Not only is Sofiana dedicated to her studies, but she is also dedicated to her work. A team player, that is full of drive and motivation to help 401K Advisors gain fulfilling opportunities.



Marisa Toscano

Account Executive

Tracy Fields

Director of Advisor Relations
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Eli Daniels

Account Executive
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Amanda Schneider

Executive Administrative Assistant