Fiduciary Shield

Advisors partnered with The Warton Group have access to Fiduciary Shield by BidMoni.

This revolutionary retirement plan software allows advisors to easily prospect 401k plans, compare bids from service providers, and helps  manage fiduciary responsibilities

FiduciaryShield by BidMoni offers an end-to-end technology solution to empower the growth of financial advisors in the defined contribution space and helps support their fiduciary duties.

The FiduciaryShield

  • Finding plan opportunities
  • Connecting with plan sponsors and building relationships
  • Identifying fiduciary risk factors in plans
  • Presenting multiple solutions to remedy these problems
  • Providing ongoing

Register for free today and get started with this user-friendly platform. Use the prospecting tool to search plans in your area and identify risk factors and or run a wellness report on a plan you currently have or one you'd like to gain.

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