Marketing Toolkit

Advisors partnered with The Warton Group now have access to the innovative advisor marketing toolkits by Sting ­čÉŁ

Access consistent, quality inbound lead volume

Since 1997, the leadership at Sting ( has been on the forefront of lead generation online. We keep an eye on data and trends in the market and provide dynamic solutions that adjust monthly for our advisors. No cookie cutter or temporary solutions, but just proven data- backed strategies that we collaborate with you and your team, to get new prospects in the door.

As a service to our valued clients, we are providing discounted access to these services. Diversify your lead generation and develop a long-term asset online by investing in your digital presence.

Proven Inbound Lead Generation Programs for Advisors

More Traffic, Conversions and Sales

The proven high demand products for advisors are developed over 20 years of testing and analysis by Sting. Get more traffic, capture their information and lead them to setting up an initial call with your advisors automatically!

1. Website

No cookie cutter website. Designed and written content that gets in front of Google and converts the visitors to leads. Never worry about changes, security or needing a redesign again. Changes and optimization are done on demand for you.

2. Email Automation

Custom written email sequences that stay in front of your lists with engaging content that brings them down the sales funnel. Stop the generic newsletters and create true engagement and the domain authority you deserve.

3. Conversations

Custom written and designed chatbots that convert your website visitors to action. Designed to have unique conversations with your visitors based on their unique characteristics, turning chat into a meeting on your calendar.