The Referral Process

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The Warton Group maintains a state of the art call center staffed with research associates, lead qualifiers, analysts and lead generators.

The Warton Group is in a unique position to help decision makers find solutions to problems and eliminate their frustrations while at the same time lessening their fiduciary liability.

Our research specialists survey many business owners and provide insight into what good advisors may normally find through a careful analysis of the plan.


Uncovering red flags

During all stages of our process, we look for potential red flags that may disqualify a lead. We ensure that our checks are in place and that these lead qualifiers align with your needs for the type of clients you are desiring.

The Warton Group conducts surveys with employers nationally

Geographic Filtering

The Warton Group conducts surveys with employers nationally with more focus being given to parts of the country where our advisor/partners are located and the markets they serve. Advisors are able to establish boundaries where we will set up referrals for them using postal zip codes. Once this area is established as an advisor’s market, all referrals will be within that area.

For example; if an advisor only wants to meet with prospective clients in the zip code 90001 (downtown Los Angeles), then we will set appointments for them only within a predefined radius of that area.


If you follow the business section on either the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, you know the business landscape can feel like an action-packed thriller with competing companies making daring moves all the time. What makes one marketing firm better over the other depends heavily on its ability to use actionable intelligence quickly and swiftly enough given the clues available in the marketplace. This is where the suspense starts to build.

Business Dictionary defines actionable intelligence as any information (or clues) that can be utilized to boost a company's strategic position against industry competitors. In order for information to be actionable, it must be transferred into real actions. Think of it as the energy or ammunition needed to either launch a proactive strike or prepare a counter strategy. But just like clues need to be solved, actionable intelligence must go through an analytical process where assumptions have to be made before it can add value.


Current Defined Contribution Plan Data

Based on 2010 Form 5500 Annual Reports (released June 2013)


Total Plans


Total Participants


Active Participants


Total Assets*

More recent data shows that in 2015, about 54 million American workers were active 401(k) participants, and there were nearly 550,000 401(k) plans. Defined contribution plans held $6.8 trillion, of which  $4.7 trillion of which were in 401(k) plans , and mutual funds managed $3.8 trillion, or 56 percent of those assets.


Retirement Plan Management for Advisors

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